Friday, March 22, 2013

Creating A World

Yesterday, I went to the Brigham City Temple for the first time.

I am not sure why I never went through the open houses. I think I just figured I'd eventually make it up for a session anyway, and it's not like it was gonna float away or anything.

It's absolutely stunning. I was just delighted. The perfect combination of texture and sparkle.

I can't take pictures inside the temple, because it's a place of learning and worship--but I took a few pictures outside.

In the LDS Church, we're taught to liken the scriptures unto ourselves. In the temple, we hear the story of the creation as told in the scriptures. I was sitting there contemplating the significance of this telling--trying to figure out why it was so important to hear the telling of the creation every time I went to the temple. It doesn't strike me as a scientific recipe for creating a world and it just doesn't feel very spiritual--no mention of faith, hope, charity.  So I wondered how I might liken this scriptural account to my own life.

And it dawned on me--as things are meant to do inside a temple--it is about creating a life--or my own world.

Look at your disorganized life--and organize it. Divide the water from the land--or rather--the kitchen stuff from the bedroom stuff. Let their be light! Open windows! Invest your life and your home with knowledge, good thoughts, joy!  Fill your world with plants and flowers! As they discussed the creation of animals--I couldn't help but think of kids. Sorry. Some children remind me of bears and bunnies.

Don't get me wrong, I am a person of faith and if I learn some day that the creation really did take place in 6 days, I'll be more than happy to accept that because I believe in the power of God and miracles. But, I believe that scriptures are more than just a historical telling of things. I believe that they are given to inspire us today and to help us to find joy in our present day living.

And I am much more apt to believe the Hebrew translation of "day" into "periods of time" and to believe that the creation took place over 6 creative periods of time that lasted as much time as necessary to abide by the Laws of Physics--as set forward by a knowing God. And let's face it, regardless of how long it took--this beautiful world is a miracle.

But back to this likening the account unto myself... Everyday we set forth to create our own world. I want to take the lessons of the creation and create a world where those who enter into my world are surrounded by light, love, and beauty.

Today, I am grateful for the temple.

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