Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Free Stuff

There's a homeless man who has a small storage unit here. A few weeks ago, he came in looking pretty flushed and ragged. I honestly don't remember much of our conversations. I just sit at my desk and people come in and talk to me. We just shoot the breeze.

He came in yesterday and I didn't recognize him. I had to ask him his name.

He is 16 days off spice.

He came in and told me that he had wanted to come by and thank me for something I said that inspired him to go to detox. Now I know addicts--and I know that they are devilishly good at charming people in order to win them over so that they can use you in some way or form. Not to ruin your fairytale vision of an addict's intentions... ha ha ha.

I honestly doubt I said anything miraculous to him. But he is definitely clean. And he has hope. He talked about the many resources available to help people to get off drugs in this city.

I told him that I think the problem isn't the lack of resources--it's the lack of wanna. And that's the big question we need to answer. Why would so many people prefer to live on the streets and do spice?

The answer is different for everyone, I know.

His brother just came in the door and thanked me for somethins I said to him too. Like--right in the middle of typing this. These men are brothers who are supporting each other through their detox. This brother is having a difficult time with the anxiety now that he's off the drugs. But he's getting help.

It's not an easy journey. I wish them all the best.

The one brother told me this morning that there is a new batch of spice going around down town that is dropping users like flies. Instead of walking around like zombies--they're zipping around like mad hatters--and then they die.

It almost feels like some mad scientist is torturing these pawns.

If you know anyone who is using spice--the stuff is more poisonous and unpredictable than meth.

Today, I am grateful that you can find hope in spring, a sunrise, and a friend. And none of these things require a credit card or a place of residence. Whatever you're struggling with, please, just let yourself choose to hope.

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