Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Customer Service

I wish I could have taken a picture.

I had just ordered a fruit smoothie at McDonald's in the Walmart on 1300 S.

Two blind guys stood just outside the McDonald's and the first guy says, "Is this customer service?"

The girl behind the counter didn't miss a beat. Without a hesitation, she left her post and said, "Nope, but I'll take you there."

She came around the front and stood right next to the men. She said, "Take my elbow and I'll walk you there."  The man was visibly pleased. He turned to the other blind man and said, "You grab my shoulder."

And the three of them walked to customer service like a little train.

The blind leading the blind.

With one confident and kind young woman at the head of the train.

Today I am grateful that I needed a new mop head and a fruit smoothie. 

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Christi said...

Love. Thanks for sharing.