Monday, March 11, 2013


Today was a great Monday!

I am training two weekend warriors to take over for the last guy who moved to Denver.

Because Mike was here training, I was able to go with family to lunch! Nick is super tall. Much taller than I remember. The kid is a giant!  We ate at California Pizza Kitchen.

We ordered three desserts to share. I went to "freshen up" in the restroom and one bite was left of the salted caramel pudding. I ate it. Oh my word. I died and went to dessert heaven. I want to go to this place of salted caramel pudding and live there forever and ever and ever.

I have a really cool film project coming up. Lonzo Liggins just wrote a screenplay... (and for those of you dabbling in screenwriting, what I mean is... he shared his first draft with me 2 years ago this is the version that has evolved after dozens of rewrites) and he wrote a part just for me! I am flattered and giddy to be doing film again! (I don't like doing film... but the idea of acting in a part written just for you is pretty stinking cool.)

This week is going to be splendid. I can tell.

Today I'm grateful for talented friends,  and mind blowing desserts that I get to share with loved ones!

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