Friday, March 15, 2013


I missed two days of blogging. I'm sorry. I will make up for it!

This whole experiment of grateful blogging every day has been an interesting journey.

My life is so much better today than it was.

And I don't think I did much to change it.

As I wander through the minefield of sharing good things that have happened, I am going to try my best to avoid bragging. Sometimes gratitude can sound so pompous. "Look how splendid my life is!"

It's much easier when you're seeking gratitude in the midst of a trial.

I haven't blogged the last couple days because there is SO MUCH for me to be grateful for... and I feel like sharing would be bragging.

But I feel like gratitude is what got me here. And I am here. My life is a dream. I am blessed beyond words right now.

This time last year, I was working two part time jobs, trying to make things work. Now I have a full-time job that I love.

Earlier this year, I was thinking about how much I love working backstage, but I miss performing.

I have three opportunities to perform during the next month and I'm going to be acting in a feature film this summer.

I rarely have a wishlist for items, but I love photography and in the back of my mind I have thought that it would be wonderful to have a decent camera again. My sweet brother told me yesterday that he is going to give me this fancy camera that he got in Sweden. Just because he knows I love taking pictures.

I can't help but believe that daily gratitude is helping to bring these blessings into my life. Unwisely, because I haven't NEEDED to express daily gratitude, I let myself get derailed the last couple of days. But it's like staying on a diet after you lose weight. I will be vigilant in my gratitude.

Today I'm grateful for receiving blessings I was afraid of asking for and learning that it is okay to want things. I have grown up with this mantra--Don't want anything and you'll never be disappointed. I'm afraid of letting myself need. I feel guilty that whenever I express a want/need--I get it. I feel like a spoiled little girl.

With this in mind, I'm just going to ask myself for something. Eve, I would like you to give me health. I would like you to do me the kindness of eating 3 vegetables a day and walking for 45 minutes every day. I figure since everyone else is spoiling me, I should join in and spoil myself too.


Joseph L. Puente said...

Cool beans! What film?

Eve said...

It's the one that Lonzo Liggins is doing. Fantastic stuff. I'm really excited!