Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Smiles in the City

I couldn't have looked worse if I tried. Hair pulled up in two banana clips. A trace of mascara stuck under my eyes, and no other make up. Baggy brown shorts, but a very cute top!

It wasn't that I was going for a particular bad look--I just didn't have time to be interested in how I looked today. I had things to do! And looking good just wasn't on that list. It is my prerogative to choose to be pretty or not. Today, I was hoping to just blend into the scenery as I got things done. 

For some reason, everyone kept smiling at me today. I had all these people look me in the eye and say hi. Do I give off some sort of "smile at me" vibe?


Today, I just wanted to kind of disappear and do my thing.

But people in Salt Lake City are just too dang nice.

Today I'm grateful to live in a nice city with nice people. 

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