Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Reasons and Reason

Today I am grateful for reasons and reason.

I am grateful for a reason to get out of bed, for a reason to look forward, a reason to love, and reason to smile.

I am grateful my reason that teaches me that in the face of adversity, I have faced mountains, and come off conqueror before. I will climb it again.

As loved ones face sadness, I look at their past accomplishments and find solace in the evidence of their strength.

Reasons and reason.

Sometimes when you face trials, it helps to tell yourself the story of you.

Today this is my story:

Once upon a time
There was a woman
named Eve.

Blood flowed through her veins
Breath held in her heart
Tears sat in her eyes

Once upon a time
There was a woman
named Eve.

Whole, hearted, shining, brilliant.


And that's all she was!
No make up!
Maybe I'll get to my laundry
Maybe I'll eat some vegetables!
I will read uplifting things
I will go to bed early!
I will laugh with friends!
I will cry with friends!
I will feel so incredibly happy to have the friends that I have!
And I probably won't brush my hair!

The END!

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