Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm Annoyed

So what does one post on days when one is feeling like a proverbial pile of poo?

I could post various piles of poo and draw smiles on the piles of poo and caption them: Me.

I could post a super sad song list.

I could pretend to be chipper and make up a pretend thank you list.
(Fake it til you make it!)

At this current moment, I am the poster child for grumpy.

I think I'm going to write things that annoy me. Yes. This is the list I want to make today!

1) This morning while driving on the freeway towards downtown SLC, I saw a red car change lanes without looking or signaling. She would have rammed into a grey SUV, but luckily, she tried to swerve out of the red car's path, but was stuck because another car was in the opposite lane. Poor grey SUV bounced a bit--and then braked and slid behind the red car. I watched all of this shocked. I pulled up behind the red car to see the face of this insane maniac. I watched her switch lanes two more times without so much as flipping on a blinker or turning her head to check the other lane. I don't even think she realizes she almost caused a pile up. Grrrr...

2) I'm annoyed that my dishes don't wash themselves and that groceries don't magically appear in my fridge.

3) I'm annoyed that mornings come too soon.

4) I'm annoyed that I am on the same candy crush level as referenced before--even though I watched myself clear all the gels twice. It's rigged!!!

5) I'm annoyed that after the family dinner last night where we all celebrated my brother's homecoming--everyone left with someone--except for me. I felt like a big ol' lonely loser.

6) I'm annoyed that one of my favorite bands is coming tomorrow but it would irresponsible for me to go to a concert when I need to pay bills.

7) I'm annoyed with myself for being fat.

8) I'm annoyed with my carpet for being so old that vacuuming doesn't make much of a difference.

9) I'm annoyed that I live far away from the ocean.

10) I'm annoyed that I am not a dolphin living in the ocean with no carpets to clean, dishes to wash or groceries to buy.

Today I'm grateful to be alive, surviving the raving lunatic driver of the red sedan. I'm grateful that I will assuredly enjoy the rest of the day since it can only get better really. And I'm grateful for the opportunity to go to bed really early tonight.


Tamara Shafer said...

What is the name of the band who are performing here?

Eve said...

Alabama Shakes. They're on the cusp of becoming huge. I recommend them to anyone!