Monday, March 11, 2013

A Day of Rest... ha ha ha

Today was wonderful.

I think I packed more into today than I probably should have, but it was worth it.

I talked to my brother Nick on the phone for a good 3 hours. It was wonderful to just hear about his mission. He is such an amazing person.

Today at church, the choir sang "Come Come Ye Saints" in our new building. From the red velvet choir seats, I could see emblazoned on the back wall--"The Glory of God is Intelligence". I think I have found my favorite church home yet.

This week, I am in charge of a large event taking place at Le Jardin in Sandy. It is a beautiful greenhouse event center. I am so excited. We have so many amazing people performing at the event.

I am also writing the Easter Program this week.

The choir director and I discussed the songs he wants to do for the program and now I just need to fill in the program with the spoken word portion of the program. I am really excited. I love Easter. It is my favorite holiday.

So... today was busy.

Today I'm grateful for my callings--though I think I complained to plenty of people about how much I've got to do this week.

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